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CJA - Criminal Justice Administration A.A.S.

CR Applied Associate of Science

Program Description

The purpose of this program is to provide knowledge about the management, organization, and operation of the criminal justice system, with emphasis on law enforcement and correctional agencies. In conjunction with a study of the entire criminal justice system, the student may elect enforcement or correction courses, depending upon his or her objective.Graduates of the program may qualify for employment in local, state, and some federal law enforcement and corrections agencies, or continue their education at a four-year college or university.Jobs for which graduates are expected to be qualified include local and county police officer, state trooper, police detective, federal and state security officer, liquor control agent, drug enforcement officer, private detective, commercial and retail security officer, and corrections officer.

Program Objectives

Program Objective

Describe and explain the functions of law enforcement,

the courts, and corrections.

Analyze how law enforcement, courts, and corrections

function as components of a criminal justice system.

Describe and explain the historical perspective of the

principles, theories, and challenges inherent in the

criminal justice system.

Describe, explain, and analyze the legal and ethical issues

in criminal justice.

Advisor Notes

Required Electives Program-specific electives a student must choose from General Education electives a student must choose from Recommended Electives CJA 104, CJA106, CJA 214, CJA232, CJA234; NOTE: CJA105, CJA116, CJA215, or CJA225 may also be used as CJA electives if not selected for the main CJA course criteria. General Education electives a student may choose from Program Notes CED 272 may be taken for degree credit in this program. Students wishing to qualify for employment in law enforcement should take CJA 105 and 215. Students wishing to qualify for employment in corrections agencies should take CJA 116 and 225. Students wishing to transfer to a four-year college or university should take ENG 106. Students should consult four-year college or university catalogs for the transferability of suggested CJA electives.